About us

Our goal is your success. We’re not just an employment agency, we are your partners, and we are helping the grow your business. When you select Baza agency, you get a team dedicated to your success and the success of our employees. Baza agency is located in Zagreb, Croatia.

We specialize in recruiting employees mainly from Nepal, India, and the Philippines, primarily in the construction industry, and tourism and hospitality. What makes us different than others is a thorough selection process that we conduct in cooperation with our partners abroad. In addition, more than 90% of our current clients came via recommendation of our other clients, which speaks about our quality and good relationships with clients.

Obtaining Permits

Obtaining work permits, residence permits and overall administration for workers found by the employer himself.

Again and again, we’ve shown that we’re a trustworthy partner for our employees and business associates. It’s crucial to us that our candidates feel secure and have their rights respected, that is why we only work with stable and profitable employers.

Temporary Employment
Temporary employment is a solution that that suits many employers, but also workers, because of the speed and flexibility of this arrangement. The agency signs the Worker Assignment Contract with the employer and Temporary Work Contract with the employee. This way, the agency invoices the employer and pays the employee.

Employment Intermediation
We find and recruit the best candidates in third countries. We offer our employer assistance in all administrative processes; from obtaining work permits to assisting in the signing of contracts. We also assist the employees administratively and logically: obtaining the necessary permits, organizing the trip to Croatia, picking them up at the airport and transporting to their accommodation, etc. If there are more employees, Baza agency will take photographs of them, go with them to the police offices for them to leave fingerprints and get temporary residence cards (TRC), and finally go with them to the bank with all the necessary documents to open an account.


Our agency’s vision is to become a leading employment agency, an agency that provides high-quality services and creates sustainable working relationships. We want to be recognized as a reliable partner for employers and jobseekers, supporting them in finding ideal employment or skilled workers.

Our vision includes:

1. Quality services: We want to provide top quality service to our clients, whether they are employers or jobseekers. Through careful selection of candidates and support during the recruitment process, we want to ensure that both sides are satisfied.

2. Sustainable employment relations: We believe that creating sustainable employment relationships between employers and employees is crucial. We want our agency to be a bridge that helps establish long-term and satisfactory working relationships, which will benefit all parties involved.

3. Innovation and technology; In today’s digital age, technology plays a key role in the recruitment process. Our agency will focus on innovative approaches and the use of the latest technological tools to facilitate the recruitment process and provide faster and more efficient services.

4. Partnerships and networks; Through the establishment of strong partnerships with employers, educational institutions, and other relevant organizations, we want to build a wide network that will allow us access to different business sectors and potential candidates.

5. Social responsibility; We are aware of the importance of social responsibility and want to be an agency that contributes to the community. Through support for training and mentoring programs, we want to help people develop their skills and find employment that suits their needs and interests.

In brief, we aim to be a great agency that offers excellent job services, builds lasting work connections, and helps the community. We want to be known as a trustworthy partner for everyone involved and leave a positive impact in the job market.



Our mission is to help people find quality employment and support them in their professional development.