Frequently asked questions

If you are not happy with the employee, we will send you somebody to replace them as soon as possible.
First, you need to fill in the Query about workers indicating the position, the number of workers and the name of your company. We then proceed with the process of selecting and interviewing candidates.
Third-country citizens need a visa and work permit to enter Croatia, which means that everything depends on the speed of the institutions in charge of this process, namely the Ministry of the Interior, Croatian Employment Service and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in a third country. On average, a worker can start work between 120 and 180 days from the moment the employer applies.
Of course, foreign workers enjoy all the same rights as workers who are nationals of the Republic of Croatia.
They are third-country nationals, and one cannot expect for them to speak Croatian, but they do speak English.
Our workers come mostly from India, Nepal, the Philippines, and Egypt.
Our workers have gained an excellent reputation in Croatia because of their diligence and ability to easily adapt to the new environment. We also want to emphasize their good manners, gratitude, and willingness to work overtime.
Yes, once the worker obtains work permit they can work in any part of Croatia.
The minimum wage for a foreign worker is the amount set by the Minimum Wage Act, which is EUR 700 gross for 2023. Foreign workers are subject to all the same employee rights as Croatian nationals.
To obtaining a work permit for a foreign worker the employer must provide accommodation for the worker. The accommodation must meet minimum living conditions.
No, upon their arrival in Croatia, we pick up workers at the airport and take them to the location of work.
By choosing Baza agency, you get a reliable partner who will offer you the best jobs in-line to your competencies, but also help you to solve all logistical and administrative procedures. On arrival in Croatia, we help our workers as much as possible, we make sure they are paid for their jobs and we are always there to help them.
As the emigration from Croatia continues so does the immigration. Foreign workers are ordinary people who have come here to ensure a better life for themselves and their families. This is the reason they are hard-working, honest, and reliable. Those some of the reasons why you should hire a foreign worker.
No, all our workers must provide a certificate of good conduct (criminal record certificate) before arriving to the Republic of Croatia.
There are no hidden costs, our services are transparent both for the employer and the employee.
Employers need to do some paperwork that starts with the Query about workers, then sign an Employment Contract, and register the foreign worker with the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Health Insurance Fund.